Reina Del Caribe eyeshadow palette. Only ever used the blue and teal shimmer shades. Not really save yours with colored eye looks so I don t have a use for this palette. Very beautiful shades though and the shimmers are very pigmented.
I bought this when I first started out with makeup but I don t need it anymore. Very pretty shades and super pigmented. All shimmer shades, no mattes
I used once but did not like it because it was too dark for my skin tone. But it is a very beautiful gold shade with glitter reflexes
Never been used. It s a really pretty gold shade with a little bit of glitter. In the shade Bali Bronze
In the shade purple dream I used this once and did not like it for myself personally. It is a very pretty highlight, but I do not like pink highlights for myself. But it did give me a blinding highlight
I swatched this on my hand just to see the color. Didn t want it because I don t like glitter on my lips. But I feel like you can also use this on your eyes as well. It is a very pretty gold shade
This can be used to hold single shades, it s a customizable palette. It comes with a shimmery blush, never been used.